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The Laguna region is located north-central Mexico, between southwestern and northeastern Coahuila Durango. The origin of its name comes from the river Nazas-pillar of development in the area-flowed into a lagoon located in the municipality of San Pedro de las Colonias, Coahuila, called "Laguna de Mayrán". Hence the name of the Laguna Region, as all the surrounding peoples lived near the banks of the lake or relied on caring avenues Nazas River.

In the emergence of the region and the economic boom in the region directly influenced several facts: its strategic geographical position in the center of the Mexican plateau, the convergence of the train tracks that run north to south and runs perpendicular axis parallel to the road made it an ideal spot for trade. Another major factor was the tremendous "boom" that took La Laguna cotton from its inception until the beginning of this decade, where international prices this crop is pulled over again unaffordable.`

Now La Laguna generates other property of great importance, as is to be the leading dairy region of the country, and its recognized quality livestock products.


This region is characterized by an arid climate with a semi-desert vegetation in which the Father Nazas plays the important role of providing water for the irrigation of land and having no seasonal rains, the nature of the region, lagoon influent becomes key to its inhabitants.


On the subject of hydrography, La Laguna is supplied with water by the multi cited Nazas River, which is stored in two dams in the town, which are the regulatory Lazaro Cardenas and Francisco Zarco. Which are excellent place to practice water sports. That's why this enterprising interesting region for the entire audience interested in learning regions where natural conditions are not the most suitable for development and yet it was done. 


In the industrial sector has an important advance in the field of maquilas, which causes a major source of jobs. The industry in the lagoon region has had significant growth of the largest nationwide. Torreón’s industrial prosperity keep growing due to its accessibility and the fact that it is a hub and a gateway . That attracts foreign manufacturing companies.

The city maintain one of the highest levels of industry, mining, agriculture, chemical and marble production, as well as cattle, wines  and poultry breeding in the country. 

Large companies were born in Torreon as SORIANA Group (http://www.soriana.com), with 609 stores in the country. LALA Group (http://www.lala.com.mx), is currently the market leader in dairy and derivatives in Latin America and second in the United States, using little more than six million liters of milk every day. And Peñoles Group (http://www.penoles.com.mx), is the world's largest producer of refined silver and metallic bismuth, leading Latin American producer of refined gold and lead, and is among the world's leading producer of refined zinc and sodium sulfate.

Torreón offers modern infrastructure and services like:

International Airport



  • Houston, Tx.
  • Dallas, Tx.
  • México city.
  • Chihuahua, Chih.
  • Guadalajara, Jal.
  • Hermosillo, Son.
  • Canun, QR.


Bus Central Station 


  • México city.
  • Monterrey, NL
  • Guadalajara, Jal.
  • Ciudad Juárez, Chih.
  • Chihuahua, Chih.
  • Aguascalientes, Ags.
  • Mexicali, BC.
  • Tijuana, BC.
  • Saltillo, Coah.
  • Durango, Dgo.
  • León, Gto.
  • Zacatecas, Zac.
  • Mazatlán, Sin.
  • Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
  • Manzanillo, Col.
  • Querétaro, Qro.
  • Celaya, Gto.
  • Hermosillo, Son.
  • San Luis Potosi, SLP.
  • Tepic, Nay.
  • And others.


The I.M.S.S. is the social security institution largest in America Latina, and cornerstone of individual and collective welfare of Mexican society and primary health redistributive element in México. Its mission is to be the basic instrument of social security, established as a national public service for all the workers and their families.

Torreón also is home to principal private hospitals located around the Laguna Region. In addition, a large of amount of medical tourism surrounds the numerous specialty clinics, which includes dentists, cardiologists, chiropractors, laboratories, gynecologists, pediatrics and plastic surgeons among others.

The main private hospitals and clinics are


They are located a variety of churches of different denominations:

  • Catholic
  • Christian
  • Baptist
  • Adventist
  • Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints
  • Jehova's Witness
  • Presbyterian


There are three main malls in the region:

Recreation Centers


Nowadays La Laguna region has a solid hotel supply, with more than 20, including all the global brands:


There are above 20 colleges. The most important are: