Mexican standard industrial parks

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Mexican Standard of Industrial Parks

The current variety and complexity in Mexico of industrial developments called "industrial parks" has led to confusion and uncertainty among the companies who wish to settle in them.

Although the country has a wide variety of infrastructure, urbanization, services, prices and location options, a lack of unified criteria frequently leads to inaccurate evaluations by prospective investors or tenants, resulting in incorrect and costly decisions.

To address this problem, the Mexican Standard (NMX-R-046-SCFI-2011) establishes clear and uniform criteria for evaluating industrial parks in Mexico, which in turn provides confidence and certainty to investors and tenants.

The Mexican Standard encourages developers of industrial parks to improve facilities and services, and also serves to ensure that new projects can be planned and built with higher quality standards.

This Standard defines which developments may qualify as recognized "industrial parks", contributing to: proper zoning of urban and surrounding areas; appropriate land use; adequate provision of conditions for industry and other productive activities; efficient operations; and to stimulate creativity and productivity within a comfortable environment. In addition, the Standard supports implementation of specific regional economic development strategies.

The main points verified by the Standard are:

  • Land area bounded: Min 10 Ha
  • Permits for industrial use
  • Internal Bylaws
  • Urban Infrastructure
  • Environment protection
  • Utilities (water, electricity, gas, etc.)
  • Green Areas

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