Importance of an industrial park

As defined by Mexican standard NMX-R-046-SCFI-2011, an industrial park is a geographically delimited area, intended for the settlement of industrial plants with proper location, infrastructure, equipment and services conditions, and with a permanent administration for its operation.

The role of industrial parks in Mexico's industrialization has been essential, because they:

  • Contribute to the development of the country's infrastructure
  • Increase the competitiveness of the industrial plant
  • Promote modernization
  • Create employment
  • Favor industrial decentralization
  • Contribute to ecological preservation and rational consumption of energy and water resources
  • Promote capacity for research and technological development
  • Establish a comprehensive framework for orderly industrial planning and zoning
  • Increase tax base and revenues
  • Increase the living standards of the communities where they are established

Today, the main advantage of industrial parks in Mexico is the CERTAINTY that they offer investors in:

Legal aspects: Land ownership, operating permits and compliance with applicable regulations.

Infrastructure: Basic services (water, electricity, etc.), industrial buildings, architectural design, landscaping and housekeeping to ensure an ongoing maintenance of facilities.

Security: Internal monitoring systems, regulations and protocols in emergencies, for tenants peace of mind.

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