LAS AMERICAS INDUSTRIAL PARK offers turn key operation facilities for lease or sell to your company

Why Mexico & Torreon, Coahuila?

For the following reasons:

  • The strategic location in the Northern part of Mexico close to the USA
  • The commercial NAFTA  agreement among the Northern countries USA, Canada and Mexico 
  • Incentives provided by the Coahuila Authorities and the Federal Mexican Government
  • Excellent highways for transportation
  • Lots of American enterprises
  • Growing American and international population.
  • Highly qualified multi-lingual labor force at competitive prices
  • High quality housing for executives and employees 
  • Qualified schooling for children, like the American School, and universities
  • Medical facilities, hospitals and specialized doctors
  • Several sport clubs with golf courses, pools, tennis courts and facilities
  • Malls and international supermarkets

Why Your Company in Las Americas Industrial Park?

Our facilities have been engineered and architected for superior showcase quality and streamlined for maximum production.

Highly recognized and respected ownership & management that includes a priceless network of strategic relationships in the community and the country, as well as all areas of business and government for you to leverage as your own.

When you partner with us, you are one with Mexico, Torreon and its people!